MMFRIO, founded in 2005, is a Portuguese company whose core business is focused on its customers, offering them the best technical-commercial solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. In our company we believe that a business is only good when everyone wins.

Currently, we are located in the village of Vale Fetal, where we combine our office/sales services with logistics, in a plant with almost 350 m2. Our team has 4 members that ensures, day after day, our customers satisfaction.


Keep a growing trend as a result of our good relationships with all our stakeholders. In our company, we look into the future in an optimistic way, where MMFRIO and our partners are well succeeded, competitive and always updated, following the best practices on refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.


Keep the good and hard work. Supported by our suppliers, everyday, we try to provide the best services to all our customers, so that they can grow and look at our company as a trusted partner during their journey.

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